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Coffee Break Chats Package

Five 15-minute sessions to find your calm, scheduled as needed

  • 27 US dollars

Use the scheduler below to sign up today!

Schedule your 15 minute coffee break chat - five of them! Connect in a 1:1 session if you need a quick connection each morning, for one week - Monday through Friday. Or, drop in once a week for five weeks when you need to have a short chat. Pop in to my virtual office for a quick talk when you're feeling overwhelmed in the moment. Each "Coffee Break Chat Package" includes 5 easy-to-schedule chat sessions that can be scheduled individually, as needed. Need to connect with a Coach to start your week? Schedule a quick chat each Monday morning, at a time that's most convenient for you! Want to spill your overwhelm with a trusted listener? Schedule your sessions each Friday afternoon! We'll take a coffee break together! Or perhaps you need a real accountability buddy to meet with each morning? I'm here for you :-). The goal of each 15-minute session is simple and clear: to help your find peace and strength so that you can feel empowered in your day. Because when you feel calm and empowered, you will have the strength and power to help your daughter to find the same.

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