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Too many acronyms! What do they all mean?!

So, how do you think you did?! Did you know the acronyms? If so, you're set! If not, study up! Check out what each acronym stands for below!

We'll go into further detail tomorrow. For now, just become familiar with the words.

On to your test......The Acronyms - The ANSWERS

Let us know how you did! Do you know any other acronyms that are important to the college admissions process? Email me at

  1. ED: Early Decision

  2. REA: Restrictive Early Action

  3. FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  4. SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test

  5. PSAT: Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

  6. IB: International Baccalaureate

  7. LOR: Letter of Recommendation

  8. HBCU: Historically Black Colleges & Universities

  9. PLUS: Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students

  10. SRAR: Self-Reported Academic Record

  11. EA: Early Action

  12. RD: Regular Decision

  13. CSS: College Scholarship Service

  14. ACT: American College Test

  15. AP: Advanced Placement

  16. GPA: Grade Point Average

  17. OOS: Out Of State

  18. SCEA: Single Choice Early Action

  19. SAR: Student Aid Report

  20. WL: Waitlist

So, how did you do?! If you knew more than 85%, congratulations! If you got knew all of them, well, you're a complete rock star! If you had no clue what any of these acronyms stand for, don't panic. You will need to know these as your high school junior prepares for their senior year, but for now, take a deep breath, Momma! You'll be ok and your daughter will be ok. You're just starting the process now. There's a lot to learn, but with consistent work, you and your daughter will be exactly where you both need to be!

Now that you know what each of these acronyms stands for, I bet you really want to know what each of these means in the big college admissions picture! Don't frantically start googling! In fact, don't give this one more thought until tomorrow! It's too much. You now know there are some things to learn, and you'll be ready to learn them -- TOMORROW! For now, go have a fun chat with your daughter. Chat about the news. Celebrate another day of Black History Month. And, tune in tomorrow to learn more about those funky acronyms!

Until tomorrow, Momma!!


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