Don't wait for a family vacation to connect.

Build connections into your daily routine. Don't wait for your next day off from work or your upcoming family vacation to create bonding experiences with your daughter. Even during your busiest or your most boring days, you can create quick, 60 second moments of connection. But, don't just "expect" it to happen. Sure, you can be spontaneous and do fun or loving things with you daughter at any moment. But, when you create INTENTIONS, something wonderful happens. You focus more intently. You connect more regularly. You appreciate the moment.

So, set your intention. And, here is "THAT ONE THING" for you this week:

Share a 1-minute moment of intentional connection this week with your daughter.

Need an idea? Have a totally goofy dance off! Surely you can move your body to one of your most cringy favorite songs for roughly 30 seconds and then challenge your daughter to "beat" your amazing moves with her 30 second show! This works for girls of any age and brings both fun and connection. You set the intention. You plan for the dance off. For your daughter - it'll be totally unexpected.

Let me know how it goes! You may just love it so much that you incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine! Do I hear "Sunday morning brunch dance off" in our future?!

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