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Hi! I'm Angie

Mom. Teacher. RPCV. MA. Certified Coach. 

 I first started working with parents and children back in 1996 as an Elementary Teacher. During my tenure as an educator, I realized just how much power parents have in their children's development and just how parents are proactively seeking further guidance and support in their parenting.


As much as I loved working with their students during the school day, I secretly enjoyed chats with parents after school even more - simply because I knew every bit of information they received empowered them more.


Since then, I have trained Preschool Teachers in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and received a Master's degree from Tufts University, where my thesis focused on Parent Involvement in Education. In addition, I am a PCI Certified Parent Coach® who has obtained Parent Coaching Certification®.  


Most importantly, I have also been busy raising daughters of my own - three amazing teenagers :-). 

As a parent, I know that the years are short, while the days can feel long. Some of those long days will be overflowing with joy and some will feel completely overwhelming.  Oftentimes, when you feel the most stressed, you may find yourself desperately searching for answers and ways to correct negative behavior.


As a Parent Coach, I work with mothers (and welcome overwhelmed fathers as well) to build systems in their homes that help everyone feel less stressed and more joyful. 

Since those busy days as a teacher, I have developed a "connection-focused" program to help Moms find the confidence they need to trust their own parenting and, together, we figure out exactly what strategies work best for their family so that both Mom and daughter not only feel empowered, but also, simply happy and calm. I believe in supporting the parents I work with by giving them full support throughout our time together so that they can find success and implement new parenting strategies with daily accountability. 

I have worked with parents around the globe; from Americans living abroad as long-term expats raising third culture kids (TCKs) who struggle with finding their own purpose beyond parenting -- to moms who are raising their children surrounded by cousins and grandparents in a familiar city while struggling with trying to create a calmer morning routine. I've been fortunate to work with well-respected teachers who reside in the city in which they were raised, as well as Diplomats, representing the USA as Foreign Service Officers. And, I am most excited when I can bring these moms together in virtual communities to share stories and connect. ​

About Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a private space, most often in a virtual/online setting, where parents can meet one-on-one to discuss their unique parenting challenges and co-construct ways to overcome those challenges.


More specifically, as a parent coach, I help moms figure out how they can simultaneously work on three vital components of their day: systems, routines, and intentions.


Together, mom and I look at her struggles and figure out systems that might better organize her space to make it more "user friendly" for each member of her family and how that physical space can create a more connected environment. Next, we take a look at the times in her day that may feel most overwhelming and we create routines that will simplify her day and cut out the chaos. Finally, together, we work on creating a day that is set with intentions to connect with her family.


When mom feels more empowered by having a strong start to her day and confident in her parenting, she can empower her daughter!

Get in touch today and start seeing positive changes tomorrow 

Contact me here at

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